Amsterdam Skies 31/3/2008

Published 3 Ιουνίου, 2009 by yvris

3 μερες στο Αμστερνταμ, βολτα στα ιδια, γνωριμα μερη και οι αναμνησεις ξυπνανε… να λοιπον ενα κειμενακι που ειχα γραψει οσο ζουσα εκει και δημοσιευτηκε στo «The Insiders», την εφημεριδα των φοιτητων Erasmus. Ομως οσο καλα και να τα γραψει κανεις ειναι πολυ δυσκολο να μεταφερθει με λεξεις η μαγεια της ατμοσφαιρας της πολης αυτης αν δεν τη ζησεις…

             The clouds are so beautiful…watching them makes me feel so peaceful – my worries are all gone with the wind, driven far away along with the clouds… The sun is shining bright right behind them, warming my heart, filling me with hope, filling my life with light and joy. “I close my eyes only for a moment and the moment’s gone…” the song goes. I should not let moments just go, pass by; they are gone so quickly! And so will be my few days here in Amsterdam, which I have already loved so much. I shall enjoy every moment, live it “to the bone”, feel the precious sentiments it has to offer me, even if it’s just a simple, pointless thing, like staring at the Amsterdam sky’s clouds.

            I am sitting by my big window, looking at the crimson, narrow Amsterdam buildings, thinking how beautiful they look, in perfect harmony with the canals and the dancing-in-the-wind-rhythm trees. I am thinking about how Amsterdammers do not actually appreciate this treasure they have been given. This city feels like a puzzle, with many many small pieces that all together are creating this wonderful entity called “Amsterdam”. Quiet, cozy places, parks, mysterious dark corners, in perfect coexistence with the sounds of laughter in the city centre, the always busy student life or the craziness of the Red Light District at night; all that under the sound of sweet jazz melodies. The soundtrack of Amsterdam is definitely jazz! (More specifically, it would be “Autumn leaves” for the daytime and “All that jazz” for the night.)

            I am also thinking of how much I have fallen in love with this city and how after spending a month here, it already feels like home to me. Even though I miss my home country, the thought of going back and leaving this indescribable place always fills me with anxiety, or should I say fear, every time it occurs in my mind. I feel myself changing – in fact I can actually watch myself changing, observing how much more independent I become, living for the first time on my own, managing things I never had to do before and, of course, meeting people from many different places, finding out that we are not so different after all! This experience has opened up my eyes and makes me curious of what more could happen in the rest of the four months that I will stay here…

            I should stop daydreaming now; it is time to go out and enjoy one more night in the most beautiful place I have ever been. So I will start getting ready, already knowing that even when I go back to Greece…I will never be the same again!

Αμα ενδιαφερεται κανεις για περισσοτερα, μπορειτε να δειτε και το site που ειχα φτιαξει τοτε που εμενα στο Αμστερνταμ:
Και τελειωνω τη σημερινη δημοσιευση (πολυ ρομαντικη μου βγηκε ουτως η αλλως) με καποιους στιχους που εγραψε ο αδερφος μου για…

Για εκεινη…

Αστερι μου ανταρτικο βγηκες απ’την τροχια μου
μα προλαβες και στοιχειωσες ολα τα ονειρα μου
Τα ματια κλεινω και γυρνώ μα υπνος δε χωραει
Το βλεμμα σου τη σκεψη μου επιμονα αγρικαει
Τραγουδι θελω να γενεις και να με νανουρισεις
Το χερι σου στην πλατη μου γλυκα να ακουμπησεις
να μου χαιδευεις τα μαλλια, μην αποκοιμηθουμε
και πριν ο ηλιος να φανει με παθος να ενωθουμε
Να σπαρταραει και να ριγα συσσωμο το κορμι σου
Σα μουσικη να αντηχει καθαρια η φωνη σου
Η μερα να ‘ρθει να μας βρει σφιχτα αγκαλιασμενους
μεσα στο ιδιο ονειρο το απεραντο χωμενους


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