constant craving 4/4/2007

Published 7 Απριλίου, 2009 by yvris

I wish I had met you tonight… I miss you so much. When did all this happen, I did not realize. You were just an acquaintance, then I started appreciating your mind, then I fell in love with your hands, and now here I am, craving for you, missing you like crazy. My whole being is crying out your name, my heart is rushing every time I think of you and I can’t catch my breath when talking on the phone. Haven’t felt like this for a long time… could it be? Whenever you are around I don’t get this stressed feeling at all, just enjoy the happiness of sharing your aura and let your existence fill me. All I want is to be around you, to talk with you, to touch you, to feel you. To get this warmth from you, this familiar feeling, the coziness, your smell… I love to make you smile. I have missed you. I miss you. I want to caress you, to softly touch your lips with mine, a tender kiss; and then run my fingers through your hair till you peacefully sleep. And then rest my head on your shoulder, sucking up your smell. I want to sleep hugging you tonight. 


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